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Nuxt 3 & Brotli Compression: A Deep Dive Into Hydration Mismatch Solutions

Written by Jay Bharadia
Published31 August 2023
If you are facing a hydration mismatch issue and are not able to figure out what might be the problem, then this article might help you.
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🧠 Understanding Hydration Mismatch

  • Hydration mismatch occurs when there's a discrepancy between the initial HTML sent by the server and the client-rendered content.
  • During server-side rendering, Nuxt sends a pre-rendered HTML along with JavaScript code to the client.
  • This HTML is then "hydrated" by the client-side JavaScript, turning it into interactive components.

However, if there are differences between the initial HTML and the client-rendered content, a mismatch arises. This can happen due to various reasons, including:

  • Incorrect HTML code. Using div tag inside p tag is invalid. ( This is the most common and easy to solve )
  • Cloudflare Brotli Compression Settings - 😨 ( We will talk about this reason in this article Since this is not much common and it is difficult sometimes to strike )

✨ Example Scenarios

  • Let's consider a scenario where a Nuxt application uses Cloudflare's aggressive Brotli compression.
  • The server-side rendered HTML contains certain DOM nodes and JavaScript code.
  • However, due to the high compression settings, the JavaScript code received on the client side might be slightly altered.
  • As a result, when the client-side rendering kicks in, it doesn't match the initial HTML, leading to a hydration mismatch.
      <!-- Server-side rendered HTML -->
  <div id="app">
  <!--  Just observe below line Client Side -->
    <div v-if="isReady"></div>  
    <p>Hello from server!</p>
    // JavaScript code
     <!-- Client Side -->
  <div id="app">
  <!--  Here lies the problem -->
    <p>Hello from server!</p>
    // JavaScript code
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🤔 Problem

  • One of the problems associated with Cloudflare's Brotli compression settings is the removal of comments from the source code during compression.
  • This can lead to discrepancies between the comments present in the server-side code and what the client-side JavaScript receives.

🔧 Solution

  • Turn off Compression
Turn off Compression
Turn off compression

Helpful Resources

🚀 Conclusion

  • Hydration mismatch issues can be frustrating for both developers and users.
  • While Cloudflare's Brotli compression settings can provide substantial performance gains, they can inadvertently trigger discrepancies between server and client rendering.
  • By understanding the impact of Brotli compression, adjusting settings wisely, and following best practices
  • Happy coding! 💻🌟


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